General Overview

Application Areas

Çimser Turf Production Industry and Commerce Joint Stock Company, sells TifDwarf Hybrid Bermuda. It is ideal for golf greens, golf tees ,tenis courts, bowling greens and croquet courts.It is a  dark green, warmseason hybrid bermuda varietiy with thin leaves. It is mainly used for golf greens. For this reason proper management is required. TifDwarf turf is ready for use immediately after it has been laid out. However, stolon needs four weeks’ time to become ready for use.

  • Golf Fields (Tees, Fairways and Greens)




Dark Green



Dense- Thin Leaves



It is  low quality (effluent, reclaimed or brakish water) tolerant.

It is damage resistant. It can reproduce itself.

It is medium shade durable.

It provides outstanding quality.

It is heavy-foot-traffic tolerant.



It is ideal for temperate to hot climates.



Generally mowing height should be between 1,5 cm and 5 cm.

Mowing height should not be more than one-third of the  grass height.

When mowed with  revolving  machineries with revolving blades, it is recommended that the mowing height should not be less than 2cm.

When mowed with machines with high power and cylindirical  blades, the mowing height can be less than 2 cm.

The blades of the mowing machine should be sharp.

Grass shoul not be mowed when it is wet.

Cutting Options


Small  turf cutting. (Each roll covers ½ square)

Big turf cutting