Professional Turfgrass Maintenance

We should always keep in mind that turfgrass is a living thing like us.

It meets our aesthetic appeal and relaxes us. People look after themselves to be physically fit. The same is valid for the turfgrass.  A proper turfgrass maintenance programme should be prepared.

With the help of a professional team a regular maintenance is recommended. During this maintenance programme the Professional team should observe root development and add elements needed for the ground.  Premeasures have to be taken against diseases. In case of any disease, with the right chemicals and methods it should be treated. Besides, the drainage system should be checked .In case of any problem regarding the levelling it should be fixed by apllying the appropriate methods.

Some maintenance examples provided by the Professional machinery are given below:

Verti Cut – Turf Aeration

In the course of time, the compressed root due to frequent traffic effects the drainage system adversely. Verti cut turns up thatch and opens the turf canopy so it can drink up nutrients and water, and clear outroom for fresh growth. It is an energyboost. For this reason vertical cut is a healthy habit and a beneficial component of a turf care. It encourages turf to get its vitamins and nutrutive elements and to germinate.

Verti Draining – Aeration

Verti-draining is basically putting holes in the putting green to allow air to get into the greens subsoil, to break up the thatch in the subsoil and allow the greens to drain properly and to germinate.  considerable benefit in the opening up and de-compacting of the soil structure to allow oxygen in to feed the roots.  It softens up the ground.  It is mainly applied in large heavy-foot-traffic areas, like football pitch.

Top Dressing – Sand Application

Topdressing is a sand or prepared soil mix applied to the surface of the lawn. The term topdressing also is used for the process of applying the material. Topdressing  is a maintenance method which can be used to smooth the surface of the lawn after heavy-foot-traffic and to encourage seed germination. As the topdressing material filters into the holes opened by the aeration process, it speeds  turfgrass recovery. The topdressing material should closely match the composition of the soil profile and should not effect drainage. Topdressing with short intervals and  with little amount makes the ground perfect. It can be applied in large areas as well as in small gardens.

Dragmat- Sand Smoothing

It is useful for rubbing in dressings, and routine surface renovation on hard porous pitches. It collects the broken turf pieces and enables the clean weather to reach the turfgrass roots.It is ideal for a wide range of applications including football, rugby and cricket pitches.