Hydroseeding (Seed)

Hydroseeding is a planting process of combining seed, mulch, fertiliser, and healthy soil amendments with water to mix in a tank to form thick slurry. This slurry is applied with pressure to the surface for seed germination and turf development. It basically involves using a hose to spray the special mixture homogeneously onto an area of land that you want to plant on. The mulch applied significantly increases the survival rates of the sprigs. It offers better wetting, aeration and moisture retention properties producing superior results giving a  healthy and faster grass cover. Other additives such as fertilisers, tackifier and green dye can be added in terms of the need.


  • Faster seed germination
  • High ratio germination
  • High ratio survival
  • Helping with soil erosion
  • Stabilizing seed, fertiliser and mulch distrubution
  • Easy seed planting on slopy areas and  small strips.
  • The adjustability of turf mixture in terms of the sunlight needs of the area and the purpose of using
  • Not needing coverage for pathways, flower gardens, walls or constructions
  • Bark mulch meets the soil needs by changing into organic soil
  • Being fifty fifty cost effective than hand seeding application


Seed, fertiliser, mulch and water are mixed in a tank to form a thick slurry. So, this process provides the necessary moist and heat for the seed to germinate quickly.

With the sufficient fertilization and irrigation on the area, it is possible to have a dense carpetlike turf texture after 8-10 weeks.  This method is applied everywhere when there is no time limitation and cost savings is important.