Hydro Sprigging (Stolon)

Hydro sprigging is the use of sprigs instead of seed in a slurry of fertilizer and mulch which is mixed in a tank. The mixture is sprayed with a hose over a target area. Other elements such as fertilisers, tackifier and green dye can be added in terms of the need. After preparing the mixture, it is sprayed over the target area homogeneously. The mulch applied significantly increases the survival rates of the sprigs. It offers better wetting, aeration and moisture retention properties producing superior results giving a  healthier and quicker grass cover.  Although hydro sprigging is very similar to hydro seeding, stolen is better than the seed because it increases the production and shorten the germination time.

It is mainly used in larger areas such as parks, sporting fields, bowling greens and golf courses.


  • As stolon is a living material,  rooting and development is quicker
  • As stolon is moist, it develops quicker than seed with sufficient watering.
  • High ratio of longer  lasting
  • Helping  with soil -erosion prevention
  • Very effective for hillsides and sloping areas
  • Meeting the soil needs by bark mulch changing into organic soil (HUMUS)
  • Cost effective
  • Dense, healthier ,greener, and rich appearance
  • Quick, economical and easy application


Stolon is originally an English word which means ‘BRANCH’. Stolons are  creeping stems which grow at the soil surface or just below ground that form adventitious roots at the nodes, and new plants from the buds. Stolons are often called runners.

Stolons with the height of 10-15 cm are pulled off carefully without damaging the roots and transferred to new plantation areas.

Hydroseeding – Hydrosprigging is the best way of installing large turfgrass areas.